How to delete a form from the Netlify dashboard?

help me for delete an all unused form except Contact-Me V3.
in website

thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Please one quick form delete.

Form name: ksd__form
Website: confident-borg-fa904b

Thanks a million.

Peace :wink:

@rifqipp and @snsa_kscc, all requested forms have been deleted :broom:


Please delete:
Form name: contact
Website: renostory

Form name: contact
Form name: form1
Website: tekrx

hey there! we are working on adding a button to the UI, but we now have the capability to delete forms via the API! here is how:

Just got those removed for you, @jontsui.

As an FYI for anyone who wants to self serve on this in the future - instructions here! Forms: delete a form through the Netlify API

Hello. It seems I have similar problems like many customers here with forms. Netlify is not updating forms correctly so I would like to delete one and push once again. Could you please be so kind and remove fancy-contact-particulier form in ?

Hello Netlify Team :v:

Can you remove the form ‘contact’ in my dashboard? Thanks!


Hi, @kalush81 and @RectoVersoDev. The requested forms have been deleted.

@kalush81, if your forms are not updating the issue is most often that the HTML form isn’t being changed. There are no known bugs which cause forms not to update.

The following support guide covers forms troubleshooting in detail. Would you please read the support guide linked to below and try the troubleshooting recommended there?

If you still cannot get the forms to update after reading that guide, please send us the form details as requested in the guide above.

If there are any questions, please reply here anytime.

Hello :wave:

Could you please delete the following form from (unruffled-snyder-fa6cf2):

  • PedidoPrueba1
  • Compra

Thanks in advance!

Gone and gone! :mage::woman_mage:

Could you please delete “Contact Form 1” from my website


Could you please delete the following forms from my website ( :

Thanks a lot!

Hey @tdelgio and @fredmontet, all deleted!

Please note that we also have a new guide for deleting forms using our API (great way to dip your toes into learning about our API in general):

Let us know if you try it out!

Can you please delete Forms for my website stem-egypt-net ASAP?

Deleted that for you @STEM-Egypt-CTO!

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Thanks for the quick response

Could you please delete “form-1” from my site “”? Thank you!

Hello Netlify Team, I want you to remove “contact_form” from .
Thanks :blush:.

All deleted, @chenningg and @hironorioka28 :broom: :sparkles: