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How to debug a draft site?

How can I debug a server-side problem with a draft website?

I created a manual deploy (netlify deploy) and have a draft website as per Get started with Netlify CLI | Netlify Docs. Something on the site that works in local testing (with netlify dev) doesn’t work on the draft site. I believe the problem is on the server side. How can I debug the problem? Locally, I would look at the netlify dev output… where can I find the equivalent output for my draft site?

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Is the issue with a function, or some other part of the site? If it is with a function, you can see logs for functions via https://app.netlify.com/sites/YOUR_SITE_NAME/functions then click on the function name.

Hi @coelmay.

The issue is with a function. This is what I see at that URL:

It’s as if it can’t see the draft site, and I’d have to deploy to production before I get any function logs.

It would appear in this instance it is not possible to see function logs, and deploying to production is required.

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I’m using Sentry to collect errors and logs/traces for issues with microservices, I highly recommend it.

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