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How to customize the default Kaldi theme?

I just stood up a netlify one-click CMS. That part went fine.

But… the default theme is the kaldi coffee one, and it is unclear how to go about customizing it. Typically these themes are stored in a themes subfolder and then overwritten in the site/layouts folder for Hugo from what I have read.

But when I go the github repository, what I see is no theme folder and maybe everything is already sitting in the override position?

So do I directly just edit the files? Is there something I am missing? A config file with title, etc?

The template isn’t a theme, it’s an example repository. It shows different methods of implementing the CMS with the static site generator of your choice. The CMS has very little to do with the front-end, as it’s a standalone react app. If you want to change the front-end, you’ll have to do some front-end coding.

Try looking for themes for your static site generator instead, and implement the CMS once you find something you like by following these steps.

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So it sounds like you are saying when I do an install from netlify, it isn’t meant to actually be used and I should always add netlify to an existing install?

You can certainly use it, change it, customize it. In that sense it’s production ready. I’m saying Netlify CMS doesn’t support themes as it knows nothing about the front-end. It’s not a full-stack CMS like Wordpress, it’s a headless git based CMS.


I haven’t used the one-click template. But looking at the respository, the deployed site doesn’t use a theme but instead has all the layout information stored in /site/layouts. If you want to change the layout, edit the files in that directory.

(Hugo doesn’t need themes. The way this example site is setup is completely acceptable.)

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