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How to create subdomains (i.e. https://test.domain.com or https://community.domain.com) in Netlify

Hi Netlify Community! How can you add a subdomain to your domain in Netlify build? I know with AWS, this is managed with Route53, but I want to have different subdomains such as, we have: https://domain.com … but if I wanted to have https://test.domain.com OR https://community.domain.com

Is there a way to do this in Netlify for a create-react-app app?


Hi @BrianHHough,

If you’re using Netlify DNS, you can go to the Domains tab in your account → the domain you need to work on → Add the new records as needed.

Hi @hrishikesh thanks so much for getting back to me. Unfortunately, the domain was purchased outside of Netlify. Am I able to add new records even if I didn’t but the domain via Netlify?

The domain need not be purchased from Netlify. Netlify just need to manage the DNS (pointing your nameservers to Netlify). If you’ve connected the domain using A + CNAME records, then you need to add the subdomain in your DNS Management tool.

Thanks @hrishikesh — I am not seeing to be able to activate Netlify DNS. Do you know what I might be doing wrong here? I’ve already hooked it up to Netlify (you will see: https://safetydepositblock.netlify.app and https://www.safetydepositblock.tech route to the same place)

Yes, just like the error says, a DNS Zone for that domain exists on NS1. NS1 is our DNS Provider and a lot of other services use NS1 too. For example Vercel, Squarespace, Name.com, etc. If you’ve configured your domain at any such place, they’ve created a DNS zone for your domain which needs to be deleted.

If you don’t know who has configured a zone for the domain, you need to contact NS1 to get that zone removed. Once it’s removed, you can add it to Netlify.