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How to create new Gatsby site for live WordPress website


I’m new here. I want to migrate my custom developed WordPress website into Netlify using Jamstack. For this, I have reviewed this https://www.netlify.com/blog/2020/03/23/migrate-your-wordpress-site-to-the-jamstack/ blog post and examples. But inside that provides very sort examples and mostly related to localhost WordPress website and that’s a little hard to understand. My WordPress website is currently live and it’s a fully custom website and inside that also installed so many plugins.

I need help to create a new Gatsby site for my live WordPress website. Inside my live WordPress website, I have already Installed WPGraphQL and WPGraphiQL plugins. So now please help me with the next process steps to create a new Gatsby site.

Thank you

@ketan.p Please refer to the other thread you created with basically this same question.