How to create MX entries for add-on custom domain aliases?

I have a main site It works perfectly.

When I bought this domain name, I also bought (note the added S), just to catch misspellings. It is listed in the Netlify DNS settings as a domain alias It works perfectly, too, except for one thing.

I am trying to assign a MX host for (the domain alias) separate from that of the primary domain name, but I can’t see how to do this. Creating a new mail subdomain refers only to the primary domain.

Should I move the DNS for the custom domain alias from Netlify, or can I do this within the Netlify DNS panel?

Hey Greg,

Should be able to create separate MX entries for separate domains on their separate DNS management pages:
and (where you already have this configured).

What happens when you try on that first page?

I couldn’t reach that page, so I couldn’t make those changes. I was going through the links in the dashboard for the main site, and the DNS for for the main domain name only. Interesting.

I reverted the DNS for the alternate domain name back to NameCheap and made my MX entries in the DNS panel there.

Thanks for getting back to me, though. Much appreciated.

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