How to convert Netlify markdown files to any SQL database

Suppose, My blog have thousands of posts and for build time delay, I want to move my posts to any sql database like sql server, sqlite etc. how can i do that? is there any option to backup posts data and export to sql server or sqlite?

I am thinking about risks of the future. I am new to netlify, it would be helpful if anyone explain to me if there is any method.

Hi @Mejanhaque and welcome to the community.
There are many libraries to parse markdown files based on your preferred programming languages (e.g.
You could write a script during your build process that parses the files and dumps them into an SQL server.
Would that work for you?

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Thanks for the solution. Another Help Please,

I am using Gridsome which is built with Graphql. Do you think i can use Graphql to move markdown files into sql server?

Gridsome should be able to process markdown files and have the content available via GraphQL.
See more here