How to config Netlify CMS to store blogs under a different folder rather than directly under project root

Hi guys,

I am new to Netlify and Netlify CMS.

I just found that there are more and more folders like reduxcacheXXXXX under my project root folder.

Could you please help to tell what they are and if not necessary, how to config to remove them?


Hi @franva and welcome to the community.
This doesn’t seem to be related to Netlify CMS. Looks like this is the Gatsby’s code that’s generating the directories:

Can you confirm you’re using Gatsby? Can you share the repo/a scenario these directories are created?
If using Gatsby, I recommend as a setup guide.
I would also try asking in one of Gatsby support channels.

yep, I have found out that it’s related to Gatsby.js and they are not required for running the CMS. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing @franva!