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How to change website domain


What is the intended method of changing the (primary) domain associated with a site?

It would appear that this should be doable by selecting “Edit domain” on the /settings/domain/ page, but as far as that page is telling me that has no effect. No error is shown, but upon pressing “Save” the value reverts back to what it was previously. I’m attempting to replace a top-level domain with a sub-domain, in case that complicates things.

Hi @smth,

What happens when you delete the primary domain and add the one that you need?

I haven’t tried, but given that I cannot add a domain, my assumption would be that either I can’t delete the domain, or I delete the domain but cannot add the new one.

Hi @smth

This is not an intended behaviour and I’d assume it’s some kind of a browser script blocker that might be interfering. Changing domains works fine and you should be able to delete/add new domains too.

It’s worth trying on different device/browser/network.

I’ve tried disabling browser extensions, and a different browser, both with the same results.

I just tried a different machine and the process worked as expected. Same browser, extensions and network though. I guess that suggests local data causing the problem? A cookie?

Hi @smth,

Can’t say it’s a cookie, but could be. I’d advise you to check for anything (even antivirus apps - we’ve seen reports of Bitdefender lately blocking various parts of Netlify websites) that might be causing this on the other machine.

Sounds like Bitdefender might be a good call - it is installed on the problematic machine. That hadn’t occurred to me as a possible problem, so thanks for pointing me in that direction. Sounds like the solution here might just be to uninstall Bitdefender.

Yeah, uninstall or disable it while using Netlify, or whitelist Netlify if possible. We’re seeing some issues with that app these days, so we’d be investigating this. Thank you for letting us know.