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How to change theme from the default deployed?


I am building sites with this theme (which was the default) when I deployed via netlify cms.

The site is https://bandrainfo.netlify.app

Now, it is a great theme, but the blog has less functionality like tags, categories and most important “need a search bar”.

Could you tell me what the process of changing the theme? as Netlify didn’t give me an option to choose theme when deploying.

Hi @exist2021,

Netlify CMS does’t provide any themes. You have to write your own theme in the static site generator of your choice and add all those functionality yourself.

Maybe I didn’t frame the question correctly.

I have created a Hugo site with Netlify. In this Hugo website there are so many themes https://themes.gohugo.io

I am wondering how do I deploy one of this to my current Netlify-Hugo deployment, without changing everything.

I am from Ghost and Wordpress where you change theme and the site changes. So my mindset is working that way.

Hi @exist2021,

The point still stands. There is no theme that Netlify can provide you. If you wish to use a Hugo theme, you’d have to download that theme and deploy it following its instructions.

If your question is about Netlify CMS, you’d have to choose a theme, and configure it yourself to add the CMS functionality to it. This might help: Add to Your Site | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System

Thank you! Got it!

Super helpful and quick support :slight_smile:

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