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How to change name server?


Since i cant transfer my domain registered with netlify before 30 days i need to change the name server. How can i do that? There is no option regarding the same on settings page. Please help…

You can add custom nameservers in the domain settings: https://app.netlify.com/teams/<team name>/dns/<domain name>#dns-settings

Hi hrishikesh, thanks for the reply. The only option i can see is this. There is no DNS option under team tab.! But this one is cannotnbe modified.


The DNS settings were supposed to be just above it. I have an external domain connected and have never bought a domain on Netlify, but, I assumed it would be the same. Guess, it’s not.

Yes, DNS configuration is there. But what i’m looking is pointing option. I have to point my domain to external hosting. The hosting team suggesting to change netlify name server to their name server. Is there any solution? (I’m newbie to netlify.)

You can click on ‘Add new record’ and choose ‘NS’ in the record type option.

Yes, i did that. Hope this would be the solution. But one thing i noticed that i cannot modify or delete the existing one. I can only add another name servers. So is there any chance of conflict b/w netlify and hosting party?

I’m not very sure, but, I think there is a chance of conflicts and it might not even work. I’d suggest you to use CNAME or some other records if you can.

Ok, will try. Thank you… :slight_smile:

Hi, @midhunskr. The only way to change the name server used is to transfer the domain to your direct control with the registrar.

Note, the registrar for the domain is Name.com. Netlify is a reseller of domain registrations and not a registrar. We use an API Name provides to make domain registrations possible using our service.

The transfer at Name can happen five days after the domain is registered. I’m sending you an email to complete this transfer process. (There are preparations we can make to make the Name transfer as fast as possible when the five days have passed.)

Please reply here if you you not receive an email from us about about this domain transfer.

Hi luke. I got the mail and will let you know once i complete the procedure mentioned with your email. Thank you for the help :slight_smile:.

UPDATE: Hi Luke, i have followed the procedure you mentioned. Please check the mail.