How to change content of simple HTML page having H1 and div tag using Netlify CMS

I don’t see it that way. I’ve learned a lot here and I’m just returning the favor really.

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Good on you bud, thanks to you and the entire Team here with Netlify.

You probably don’t hear enough praise but you guys and gals do an amazing job with support.

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Can we change video file using Netlify CMS?
What need to mention in config.yml file to achieve that?

You can use the file widget:

Yes I have seen this.
But in this in config.yml file need to specify this property
Now in my site I have image and video field which I want to store in different directory like images in image directory and video in video directory so how can I define this property differently for both fields?

As you can read in the documentation for image and file widgets, you can set a media_library object per widget. Just point your file widget to a different folder with the nested media_folder property.

From the file widget documentation:

media_folder (Beta): file path where uploaded files will be saved specific to this control. Paths can be relative to a collection folder (e.g. files will add the file to a sub-folder in the collection folder) or absolute with reference to the base of the repo which needs to begin with / (e.g /static/files will save uploaded files to the static folder in a sub folder named files )

Thanks for your reply.
media_folder I will also declare in the widget section so it will override the same.
Now I have another question
In any site there is menu which is display to navigate through the site so through CMS it is possible that we can change the same?

Hi @nikhil21,

As already discussed multiple times in the above discussion, you can’t edit HTML using CMS.

You would have to write a custom template that could look for a specific field or something in your CMS and build a menu accordingly.