How to apply for "site of the week" for Netlify platform?

Hi, I have been working on an open-source project for while, I have built it with Netlify. I was wondering if I am eligible to apply for “site of the week” section of the platform. If so, how?

howdy! sorry to be slow to reply.

I’m getting a bit more information for you, not a part of our site i know super well! stay tuned, and GREAT WORK!

hey @giray123 - unfortunately, it seems that the information on that site is a bit misleading - seems like we haven’t updated in some time and it is unclear whether we are going to reboot this initiative or not.

i’m not sure when i might hear more information on this, but if i do hear something, i will report back here for sure. sorry i don’t have better news for you!

Hi @perry, thanks for your help!