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How to add second level domain?


Please, help me understand how to add my second level domain inotes.pp.ua?

When I add a custom domain inotes.pp.ua in settings and press verify, I see this:

pp.ua already has an owner. Is it you?

But I don’t have access to this domain. PP.UA — this is a service that makes it possible to register second-level domains.

@HardToBeSmart, I only see this message when adding the domain to the Managed DNS service. Using that service does require you to control the apex/bare domain of pp.ua.

When adding this using the custom domain manual configuration instructions, this message does not occur. Have you tried adding the domain using those instructions?

If the Netlify subdomain for your site is site-name, then the URL for these settings would be be found as:


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Thanks for the help. Understood.

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I’m facing the same issue when trying to add another subdomain of .pp.ua. It is a public and free domain, so anyone can sign up for a free subdomain in .pp.ua zone.

How can I add domain to the Managed DNS? I’d like to use DNS provided by Netlify instead of using my own DNS.

Hey @nilfalse, unfortunately, Netlify DNS doesn’t currently support domains like that. You’ll run into the same issue the OP did, and if not that then this:

or this:

We have an issue filed internally about this behavior but can’t say if/when it will be fixed (though if it is fixed, we will definitely update this thread!)

Our suggestion is what @luke described above.

Oh, that’s a shame :slight_smile: Netlify DNS is much more practical & flexible than what you get with .pp.ua. Nevertheless, I kind of solved the issue for now, but looking forward to any resolution on this thread!

Please, keep us posted :slight_smile:

PS. The engineers working on this probably know that already, but just for the record, Mozilla maintains a public list of all shared domain suffixes, which can be found at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Public_Suffix_List. Seems like this might be useful for solving the issue.


We will be sure to follow up here if the situation changes since this thread is attached to our feature request to improve this handling :slight_smile:

I see it’s been over 1 year since this post - has the problem been fixed?

I have a free .pp.ua domain name I’d like to use with Netlify - can this be done now? If so how?

hey there @DeeLondon, sorry to be slow to reply! i am trying to get some updated information for you on this.

Hi there, @DeeLondon :wave:

Thanks for your patience here. I want to assure you we didn’t forget about this thread, we are just waiting for some further information. We will follow up here when we have more information!