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How to add reviewers?

Hey, I’m trying to add a reviewer, but cannot seem to figure out where this gets done.

According to the docs:

To add Reviewers to a team, go to a Deploy Preview from one of the team’s sites and select the Team Members tab in the Netlify Drawer. Select Add members and enter the email address of the person you want to add to your team.

However, inside a Deploy Preview, I cannot find any Netlify Drawer, or Team Members tab… What am I missing?

Oh, apparently you need to open the actual preview URL, and click the “Deploy Preview” button on the left side of the footer overlay. :smile:

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Hey there, @hognevevle :wave:

I am glad you have found a solution, thanks for sharing it here :netliconfetti: I have gone ahead and shared your post with our Docs team so that they can review where you got stuck in the documentation.

Again, glad everything is sorted :slight_smile: