How to add metadata to sites that i can refer letter when I use the createSite netlify API

Having some metadata means i can make stateless chrome plugins that dont necessarily need a backend to work…that would be awesome…i feel there is no supported way of doing this but is there some hacky way to add a string somewhere in the site deploy json that will stay there

Hi @steve.s.paul22,

It’s not clear as to what you’re asking. Could you try to phrase it differently?

okay so when i create a site i would like to add some info to the meta data of the site …lets say i wanna put like a unique id that is importnat to my application…so that when i do list sites i can get that info and do some action based on it…mainly i wanna identify if the website was created using my app and some othe text info that i need should be stored there…otherwise i would have to setup my own db to keep track of it…thast why im asking

Nevermind, I found it: Get started with the Netlify API | Netlify Docs
sorry about that, should have lloke more closer

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know! Happy building!