How to add list of blog posts in Blog section with netlify CMS?

Hello. I am using Hugo-academia template for my site. It works fine but the issue is that I am unable to view a list of my posts in the BLOG section. I have three sections(About | BLOG | Resume) on the website I’m working on

Once I create a post with Netlify-CMS, it creates the post successfully and I can see the post under Recent Posts in my homepage. But if I click on BLOG, I am unable to see the accumulation of my blog posts.

Unfortunately, the Github repo is private but here’s how my content directory looks like (Kindly note that I am using hugo-academic theme)


I expect that once I create a blog post (let’s call it ‘new-post’) with netlify CMS, a folder should be created automatically and create a pull request on my GitHub. Something like this:1

(On a side note, I changed post in the original theme to blog in mine so the URL will make use of blog instead of post).

Kindly help me with this problem. I can provide any other details that may assist with getting this problem solved.

After playing around, I solved my own question. Here’s the link to the answer on GItHub

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