How to add a new page or rename an option?

I am using this template for my site using netlfycms:


in the top of the homepage, there are few options: Home, Components, Blog, All Posts, News, Updates, Default, and Contact

how can I add/delete/rename menu items?

@tomrutgers, maybe you have ideas?

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I’m not exactly a Gatsby expert and this template isn’t maintained by the Netlify CMS crew but here are some places to start @rulesstack :

You can find the menu code here. It’s mainly static so it shouldn’t be too hard to make changes.

To add new pages, you’ll have to create a markdown file here. If you need to edit the markdown files with Netlify CMS, you’ll have to reference them as files in the page collection in config.yml.

If you need help with any of these things, I recommend to reach out to the Gatbsy community or ask for help in the Netlify CMS slack channel.