How much does the free plan cost?


I tool a look at netlify’s “billing” page
and it says “free plan – free to get started” and
I am confused, how much does it cost after the
“starting” period? when does the “starting” period end?
Why do other plans don’t have this wording…

So is it free or is it free for a certain amount of time? and if so how much is that time?

It’s free -I wouldn’t say forever cause who knows what happens - for the foreseeable future. The starter plan has limitations in the form of bandwidth and build minutes, but time isn’t a factor.


You may also see this Upcoming changes to Netlify plans


@B00bleaTea :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! Great question. “Free to get started” means that you do no exceed any of the specifications on the pricing page. For example, it is free to have 1 person on the team, but then costs $15 dollars per month, per member, for each additional team member you add.

The additional fees that may apply are visible in the parenthesis on the feature list. Additionally, I do recommend reviewing the link @zehawki shared, as it outlines our upcoming changes to Netlify plans.

Let me know if you have any further questions!



I see very nice changes in here, happy
to see netlify grow

I see that free plan barely is changing in a good
way, very nice

One more question,

I have a site that is on a private
github repository, it has some of my work
for school from time to time

How’s the pricing for that?

Okay nvm,

I have decided to move that site
to manual deploys, should be much more

Thanks for coming back and letting us know! Let me know if any further questions arise.

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