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How i can point primary domain to webflow and all sub domains to be remain on netlify?

I have a site named frosty-johnson-78215a.
Right now I’m using netlify dns. My app uses primary domain for landing pages and wildcard domains to client area. Custom domain is www.smiels.com.

Now i want landing pages to be handled by webflow. but my subdomains/wildcard, i want it to be on Netlify as same as it’s now.

How i can point only www.smiels.com to webflow, but *.smiels.com to netlify?.

If i try to point www.smiels.com, it de attached from netlify and it stops working.

Hi @sohaibahsan007,

You can do it in the following manner (considering you’re on Pro or above - you might be, I haven’t checked it yet):

  1. Reset your domain’s nameservers to the original ones so that you are not using Netlify DNS anymore.
  2. Delete the domain and DNS Zone from Netlify.
  3. Connect the apex domain to Webflow.
  4. Add a subdomain to Netlify (for example foo.domain.com) - it could be anything.
  5. Add a custom certificate that would support wildcard domain.
  6. Contact the support team to enable wildcard domain feature for your website.

If any of that is not possible (say, you can’t get your own wildcard certificate), you can still get this to work like this:

  1. Keep using Netlify DNS.
  2. Make sure the primary domain of the website is www one.
  3. Request a wildcard domain feature for your website.
  4. Add a rewrite to route your apex domain. This will actually keep your domain in the address bar, but would show contents from the Webflow website. More on how to do that here: Rewrites and proxies | Netlify Docs

Thank you for the help. Let me try to write apex domain rewrites. Can I ask how much performance will be lost in this rewrite process? , like when it will hit the apex domain. and then netlify will serve webflow website.

Hi @sohaibahsan007,

Well, it will be a little slower than directly going to the URL, but I don’t have any benchmarked values to give you any accurate info.

However, do note that if Webflow charges you for bandwidth, this will lead to double bandwidth usage as Webflow and Netlify, both will charge you. With Netlify’s starter plan, you get 100 GB / month free, so if your usage is less than that you’re good to go from Netlify’s side.

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@hrishikesh ,
I have Pro Plan on Netlify. and it worked.

one last question, How i can stop a redirect on a specific path?, for example, my apex domain is redirecting to webflow, but i don’t want to redirect it it’s .com/register

You’d have to use the hierarchy of redirect rules. Rules are processed from top to bottom, so any rule at the top will take preference. You can simple add a 200 rewrite rule for the path you wish to stop a redirect (from and to would have the same value) and then add a redirect below that for the rest of the domain.

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Thank you for the help.