How i can open a php file in netlify

how i can open a php file in netlify u say that we can use couple of php orders but how i can create by exemple a database or a php orders like recaptcha in simple question how i can open a php file here

You can use PHP at build time but not once deployed, unfortunately!

This topic explains this in a bit more detail: [Support Guide] Can I run a web server, HTTP listener, and/or database at Netlify?

ok one more question if i use a server like xampp can i publish the site from the server to this hosting ?

plz answer i need this

c’mon man i need it now plz

Hi Mahmoud,

Please be patient - we help you as fast as we can, and asking 3 times won’t help us get to you sooner (in fact it will hide your question from us since we tend to look for the “longest uncommented on” threads).

The answer is probably not, though of course you can host many things on xampp including non-php files, so I am speaking of anything written in PHP rather than plain html (or static css/js/images). Please check out to learn more about our hosting philosophy.

@Mahmoud_Faour What do you mean “publish”? Netlify does not serve PHP pages, so just because you have it running on your localhost doesn’t mean it will translate to Netlify.

Now, if you use a spider to harvest the site from your localhost (SiteSucker, httrack, etc.), so that the PHP files are given an HTML extension and the internal links are updated, then you could upload those harvested files to Netlify. It’s a cumbersome way to do things, but it does work. If you go this way, make certain that you edit any FQDN in your links that point to localhost so that they point to your instance on Netlify, and/or make all internal links relative or root-relative.