How I can move my website from WordPress to Netlify?

I own multiple websites, such as ihomedental, pcfaantics, and ideasanimation. Whenever I open such websites, it opens instantly, everything works fine, but the pictures do not appear. instead of pictures, there is a small image icon. So I want to move from WordPress to Netlify but I don’t know this procedure.
Help me for this.

@albert543 Welcome to the Netlify community. This question has been asked before, and basically the answer is that if you have to ask, you can’t do it yourself because the process is involved and complicated, and you almost certainly won’t get a site that looks like your current site(s).

There are other options, though, such caching plugins including WP Rocket or Cloudflare, there are image compressors such as Smush, and there some WP hosts that are faster than others (such as WP Engine).

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