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How i can make my site render fast? Please Help

I have make my site logo dynamic from CMS . But the thing is that my site is rendering to slow. If i navigate to other pages then the logo doesn’t appear instantly and takes appx 10-15 seconds. Is there any way so i can make it fast?
Video for reference issue/netlogo.webm at main · omerknysys/issue · GitHub

Hi @omerknysys

The logo loads quite fine for me:

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Thanks for checking it out but sometimes i having issues as i have shown in video.
What measure’s should i take to solve this issue?

I haven’t looked too closely, but something is repeatedly loading logo.json.

I concur with @nathanmartin’s observation, there is a consistent repeated unending call to logo.json. Track that down and you will likely track down the root of the issue you are observing.

Oh thanks.
We were using single json files for all the dynamic CMS changes. The fetch function is making call repeatedly.