How does Netlify knows which site to route to if using A record point to load balancers?

Hi there,
I wish to maintain my own custom domain DNS at my provider(not using netlify DNS), so im going to add an A record to point to (netlify load balancers).

However, it keeps showing “Not Found” on my custom domain.

How does Netlify knows which site to route to if i’m using this method. For example, my netlify site name is

My custom domain is:

How does the A record knows to route to my

Thank you.

did you give this a read through by chance?

Hi Perry,

yes i read this post before posting my qeustion but its dosent specifically address my question here so im posting to ask about it. My cname for www. is pointed to my netlify subdomain, still showing up as “Not Found”, then when i switch my A record to point to load balancers too it shows up as “Not Found”.

So i wish to know how netlify resolves which site to point to if our A record is pointing to the load balancer’s IP.

@elsont Can you provide the actual netlify subdomain so we can check out what you have for your DNS settings currently? Thank you!


For any Forums members who encounter this thread, as of March 25, 2021 we have changed our load balancer to . Should you be following this post for guidance, please use this moving forward. We want to make sure you have the most up to date information! Please see our Docs, this Support Guide, and our Status Page from March 25th for details.