How does Netlify CMS aid in the Jam stack approach?

Hey all,
I’m new to the Jamstack world. I understand the importance of separation between UI and data. But isn’t Netlify CMS the opposite of that? Doesn’t it couple your site with the CMS forcing them to be hosted in the same repo and site?

Isn’t Netlify CMS supposed to be hosted as a separate subdomain like ‘’? and your main website ‘’ is supposed to pull data from the CMS during build time?

I don’t know if this is possible with Netlify CMS since all the examples I’ve seen couple Netlify CMS with the SSG repo which handles the UI

Turns out I was able to set up Netlify CMS as a separate subdomain! I created a new git repo just for the CMS code, put in the index.html, and deployed that repo as a separate site.

Now I have to figure out the plumbing portion and how to trigger a site rebuild of my main site when the CMS is updated which will result in a true Jamstack experience

I’ve also noticed that I can directly access the markdown and yaml files based on the API but there’s a lot more work involved when you want to decide what to do with the data

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Thanks @rahul-sundaresan for that insight. My team personally have been looking into the idea of decoupling the data of the site and the site itself. Please do update this thread if you come across any solutions :slight_smile:

Hi @rahul-sundaresan ,

I’ve solved this before by using a github action to check on a commit to the cms repo and call the build hook for the site that was setup in the netlify app.

Specifically, I made sure there was a content change. There are a lot of ways to do this. Hope it gives you a direction to go in.