How do you know when Netlify DNS has propagated?

Hi, my Netlify account url is:
I have it also hosted by Netlify DNS:
I have put the Netlify DNS Nameservers into Google Domains (My provider) and my website ( does show the correct content but when I go to SSL Certificate section it says " DNS verification failed" and “ doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify”.

Any ideas? I cant seem to find out how to check if it has propagated either.

It seems like you just reverted to Google’s DNS. When I began typing the answer, your DNS seemed correct:

But now it’s back to Google’s DNS and won’t load.

Hi, yes correct. I didnt have any reply so i reverted. I have now chosen to take the CNAME and A record approach. Any idea how long it will take for this method to work?

DNS can take hours or a few days to be fully working everywhere, no matter what you you choose. I’d recommend changing nameservers though instead of the CNAME way.

Ok, i think ill stick with this method for now and maybe update it in the future. My website now works on "" and " - not secure though) but still shows as not propagated. Do I have to wait a few hours still?

hi @Rakhi_Boxes, it really can take time for the correct settings to show up everywhere, worldwide.

here is more info on why that is:

Thanks. I have left it over night and it still shows this:

My site works fine on www. but it doesnt work withought that. I have added the A record to Google domains.

Is it possible that you have configured the records for the www sub-domain? You need to create the DNS records for the apex domain If you use Netlify DNS, the www one would be created automaitcally.

This is what I have done.

Yeah, what I was afraid about. The www should be replaced by @, I guess. Netlify will add www automatically.

Thanks I will return to Netlify DNS.

I have added it and i know i must wait for it to propagate but where will netlify tell me when it has successfully propagated?

Netlify won’t notify you if that’s what you’re asking. In your dashboard, it will show Netlify DNS next to those domain name once it’s fully done.

Also, if you keep chaning DNS so frequently, keep in mind, you’re making it difficut for the DNS to update. Make a change and wait.

OK. I will stick with netlify for now then. On my custom domain section it shows:

but when i click on it doesnt work only the domain with www works. It does show Netlify DNS next to it so im not sure why its not working. Is there a way to redirect the domain with ought www to the domain (

As I can see, your domain with and without www is loading, except it’s showing NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. Now that the DNS is all set-up, Netlify will issue the SSL certificate for your domain in a few hours and your domain would work perfectly.

The domain that you set as ‘primary’ in your custom domain settings is the one Netlify will redirect all your domains too. In your case, it’s already www, so the redirect would work once the SSL is working.

Thanks for your reply.
My SSL shows

It says its enabled

You can try clicking on renew certificate. Since you have changed DNS frequently, it might hav happened that when the CNAME record had started working, the SSL started working too.

The certificate has renewed:

but i am still facing the same problem.

Are you sure? Both, the www and non-www ones seem to work fine here.