How do I use Pocketbase with Netlify?

Hello, I am making a Next.js 13 app, with a simple posts section that uses Pocketbase as a backend.
I believe for Pocketbase to work, it needs to be running, I am not sure though.

Once I deployed the website with the new Pocketbase db, it showed up with an error on the site.

Netlify site:

Does Pocketbase run in AWS Lambda? If yes, you can deploy it as Netlify Functions. If it needs a Node.js server, it won’t work on Netlify.

are you able to host it ?

Can you provide an example?

Hi, @sumneuron. Looking at the documentation for this project it seems clear that it requires a server. As Netlify doesn’t allow running a server (you can use serverless functions but not a server) and PocketBase requires running a server, you cannot use PocketBase at Netlify at this time.

However, it is possible the PocketBase itself supports a serverless configuration. I don’t know if that is the case or not. If it does, then you may be able to use it here. However, I’m unable to find any documentation about a serverless configurations for PocketBase. If you cannot configure PocketBase to use serverless functions only (and that appears to be true), it cannot be used at Netlify.

Yeah it needs a server to host it so I just changed the system to be static (using markdown files)