How do I get rid of Victor Hugo?

Nothing against the guy or the template it is probably nice, but I am running a completely different hugo site with a different theme, connected to github and forestry and deploying seems to work nicely, however, whenever I visit the site @ netlify, I am greeted by this coffee themed thing, I have no idea where it comes from and why it is there.

What do I have to do, for netlify to show my site. Probably kill all this webpack stuff I am not using, but I don’t want to break anything.

I am actually unsure if this victor hugo theme has anything to do with this, or, if my some dns hickup, I am simply seeing a random, different site.

I took the netlify.toml from hugo’s site and it seems to be ok, now. Still weird, where this other site came from…

This is what I see, is this not right?