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How do I get my The things in the image from my custom domain using google domains

You have a domain registered through Google Domains and have generated an SSL certificate from them also?

This might help

How do I generate the certificate?

Netlify will automatically generate an SSL certificate for your custom domain using Let’s Encrypt, you don’t need your own.

So How do add it cause I am new to this

Once you’ve added your domain and it Netlify’s system has verified it is pointing to Netlify, the system will automatically generate an SSL certificate. You don’t need to enter any certificate details. You only need the details you highlighted in your original post if you have generated your own certificate using another service, or purchased one from a Certificate Authority.

How do I add DNS verification?and what should I set it to?

If you can share your domain name, we can make a more educated guess.

So you need to configure the DNS for the domain.

You can go here: Manage domain name servers - Google Domains Help to know how to do it.
Then, you can use this guide: Delegate your domain to Netlify | Netlify Docs to connect it to Netlify.