How do I add tags to my project/site?

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Sry, I am new, maybe is a dumb question, but: how do I add tags to my *site?
When I search it on Google, it appears BUT, I need to be very very specific, I know the site name is common for a lot of other things and it isn’t even popular yet. But everytime I need to search for it I need to write the full name down (instead of just writing “Pixel Fire” to find the site, I have to write “Pixel Fire Netlify”)
So I thought that If I add some tags (like youtube: [pixel], [fire], [game], [multiplayer], [etc…]) it might would be faster.
(sry any grammar error, english isn’t my native language)

Hi @liberumgames.oficial :wave:t6: , I don’t believe this is a Netlify specific question that support can help but I did some digging and perhaps this may help?