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How can i upload a sitemap to netlify?

hello. i need help uploading a sitemap to my website. i have a github repo but when i made a folder called ‘root’ there, nothing happened. i tried uploading my sitemap to my repo without putting it in that folder, but still, it didnt work on googles search results thing.

Welcome to the forums @dimmmmmmm

There is no need to create a “root” directory, your GitHub project is the root. Here is an example file tree including a sitemap.xml file (the . means this is the root directory.)

├── index.html
├── page1.html
├── sitemap.xml
├── subdir1
│   ├── index.html
│   └── page1.html
└── subdir2
    └── index.html

Hope this helps. Hit reply if you have any questions