How can I set up my gmail account so I can receive email from my netlify domain?

I do not want to set up a separate email hosting and had expected to be able to receive email from my custom domain. I read the support threads stating that we can set up our gmail account to receive emails How would I do this for:

gmail account is
netlify domain is

I’d like to set up

Hi there! This Support guide is the best place to get started with information on dealing with email on Netlify:

If you still have questions after working through this guide, we suggest you try the search, as many people have already asked questions on this topic. If still no luck, let us know and we can troubleshoot with you.

Hi Perry,

I posted my request after checking the support guide and reading all the threads.

Here’s the thread I read before posting my question.

This is what I set up following the instructions. I am not sure if this is correct or how to then set this up on gmail or how to add a

My site is up and functioning just fine.

It’s just not clear if my MX record is correct or where exactly and how exactly to set this up in gmail.


@dfafette Assuming your domain is set up to use Gmail, your DNS entries will look something like this, but with your custom domain name instead of this one:

Thank you - I saw that but thought it was for GSuite accounts and I’ve updated my DNS records similarly using my custom domain

I have my account set up, how would I set to use Gmail?

I thought

@dfafette I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. Your domain is set up to use Gmail as the e-mail provider (although Google may want you to add a TXT record for security purposes). This whole exercise was predicated on the assumption that you already had a Gmail account handling your custom domain name. What am I missing?

Hi, @dfafette. Did you sign this custom domain up for Gmail service? If not, then signing up for GMail and paying for that service would be step one of the process.

Once you have registered for Gmail, they will tell you what DNS records need to be created. Do you have that information?

If so, we can help confirm that the DNS records are working correctly. What are the DNS records required for your Gmail service?

If there are other questions, please let us know.

Hi Luke,

Thank you for the friendly follow-up. My domain is up and running since the first day I set it up. I do not have Google domains or Gsuite. I have a free google account and am not interested in setting up a separate account. If I had realized that Netlify did not offer the service, I would have reconsidered purchasing a domain through Netlify. I hope this changes by the time my domain renewal comes around as I will likely change services after the response I received on Netlify’s public community forum.

The Netlify community forum made it seem as if you could use your free Gmail account. Franky, it was poorly worded and the previous two commentators’ responses to me were quite condescending. I made it clear in my first post that I had read the thread. I also made it clear that I was using my personal Gmail account, I wonder if the response would have been so rude if my email address was


Hi, @dfafette. I’m sorry that anyone treated you in a way that was condescending. Personally, I totally missed that this was a request to forward to a personal Gmail account and I apologize for missing that. I saw the email address but missed the personal Gmail forwarding detail.

About the email forwarding, I have two possible solutions.

First, it might be possible to still do that by setting up a Zoho mail account and using their email forwarding.

As people often ask about how to get email service with domains registered at Netlify which is why we created the support guide which you posted above. Zoho is the most common solution people use for free email services but there are others.

This brings me to solution two.

Regarding this solution, it is important for me to point out that we are not actually the registrar. We are a reseller of registrations and the registrar is I mention this because they have an email forwarding service:

If we transfer this domain to your direct control at, it should be possible to use that as well. That might meet the requirements that no third-party mail service be used.

The only thing that changes at Netlify (if the domain is transferred) is that your domain renewals would occur directly via going forward. Even Netlify DNS will continue to work unchanged unless or until you make a change to the name servers for the custom domain under your account.

To summarize the two solutions:

  • use the some third-party (but free) email service to do the forwarding
  • we transfer the custom domain to your account and use the email forwarding there to do this

To be clear, neither Netlify nor have any charges associated with transferring the custom domain control at Sign-up and internal domain transfer are free (meaning internal to

One last thing I wanted to mention is that if you do see places (like our documentation or here on the community site) where someone is making it sound like email service is automatically included with domain registrations at Netlify, please let us know. Even domains registered directly at do not get free email (as they provide paid options but the forwarding is included with domain itself). If someone says otherwise, we will work to get that corrected quickly.

We are happy to discuss this further and if there is more we can do to assist, please reply anytime.

Hi Denise!

Sorry your experience with Netlify / email isn’t what you thought you were getting - thats a bummer and of course not what we want! We can try and see if we can clarify wording somewhere.

You did mention in your first post that you had read a support guide on the topic - that’s correct, and thanks for doing that! Not everybody does. We do have 100+ support guides, and because i wasn’t sure which one, i suggested the most specific one regarding email.

It’s definitely not our intention for any interaction to be condescending, ever. I hope that you do find a use case for Netlify in the future, and we’ll be here and happy to answer your questions (hopefully a bit better next time) when you need us.

By the way, I have unlisted this thread, as it has your email in it in cleartext. I would suggest that we remove your email address from these posts just so you don’t get an avalanche of spam…:no_entry_sign: i can help with that, if you like.


I followed up on the email forwarding with itself. Enabling it requires using for DNS service (where domains registered using our service use Netlify DNS by default).

If you want to we can transfer the domain to your direct control at Then the external DNS instructions can be used to keep the web hosting at Netlify while the DNS hosting can be moved to to enable their email forwarding.

Note, there would a bit of downtime while the DNS records are changed.

If there are other question or if you want to proceed with transferring the domain directly to your account, please let us know.