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How Can I revert back to manual deploy?

I can not revert back to manual deploy (Now, it deploys from Github but for some reasons, I don’t want it anymore!). Is there a solution or support members can help me?

@hillary Could you please help me? I read similar posts and they all say one of your team members must do it.

hey @mojahani , which site is this regarding? we can change a setting so you can use manual deploys again if we know which site is yours.


wearemoonlight / it’s connected to my domain . Thank you in advance

mojahani, is wearemoonlight the netlify site name? or the custom domain?

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t’s the name:

I have only two projects there.

Did you find it? I’m so sorry about asking too much! I promise you won’t hear from me for a few weeks when the new version goes live :))

hi there, yes, we found it and we unlinked the repo so you should be able to manually deploy via drag n drop again now. Let us know if this doesnt work for some reason!

Thank you very much for your help