How can I restrict access to my Static Website by using custom domain Google Login

Hi, I am generating a static website and deploying it into netlify. I will be hosting our internal documents. We as a company use GDrive for email. So I want to implement an SSO or any kind of authentication to make my website internal only. So, it should not be accessible without logging in.

How can I enable Google Login with a custom domain? So only those who are in this domain can access this website?

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Isn’t this what Netlify password protection gives you?

Keep in mind that the general rule is if you don’t want unauthorized persons to gain access to your files, don’t publish them on the Internet.

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You can also use Netlify Identity for this, however you’d have to invite users yourself and then they can login using those email addresses. There’s probably no way to restrict access only to address. Maybe custom Google OAuth has that feature, but I’m not sure.

However if all you need is a simple authentication (with same username and password for all), you can check what @gregraven suggested above.

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thank you very much for your help. I will first use Password protection, which looks like the easiest way.