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How can I redirect my whole domain?

I’m trying out a function on my current website to deploy on another website.

Currently, I have (acetylercholine.com) and it doesn’t redirect anywhere, and that’s fine, but I’m trying to get it to redirect so I can try something on another site.

I also work on (utdnsa.org) and although I used to use Netlify, the people I handed it off to couldn’t yet handle using GitHub, HTML, and Netlify, so we just have Google (who we purchased the domain from) automatically redirect to (https://utdneuroscience.wixsite.com/learn/). I’d like to continue automatically redirecting to that URL, however, still be able to use custom URLs like (website/meeting) that I could use GitHub page for or would redirect to a Microsoft Teams meeting or a sign-in or something like that.

I’m trying to setup the same thing with acetylercholine to automatically redirect to (https://shorttyler55.wixsite.com/tyler-cv) so I can test stuff out, but I can’t figure out any way to redirect the main url/domain. I setup a separate branch thinking maybe I could do a branch deploy with something like (link.acetylercholine.com/whatever) but I can’t find any way to make the main branch deploy to anything but the GitHub index.html.

I previously tried just having the index.html redirect but that takes ~0.5 seconds which just feels like way too long. The code I was using (which you can see at acetylercholine.com/redirect) for that was:

Loading... *beep* *boop*

If you can find a way to have Netlify redirect my home domain or even a faster way to redirect through HTML I would be forever grateful.

Thank you!

Hi @AceTylercholine

Your domain acetylercholine.com is using Netlify DNS, and as per the Self-Serve Subscription Agreement section #3, Netlify Managed DNS or Netlify functions are strictly for use with sites deployed to Netlify. meaning you can’t simply us it to redirect your domain to somewhere else.

If you wish to have your domain used simply as a redirect (and no services on Netlify) then you will need to move your DNS elsewhere.