How can I recover submitted forms that do not show on dashboard?


I have a starter account and I used the netlify form option for my site. I got the thank you message and 200 response after I submitted a form. owever, I didn’t receive any alert in my email of form submission and the form overview section is not showing any forms being submitted.

Is it possible to recover forms that were sent but are not showing and can upgrading my account to premium help with that?

Here is a link to the form and here is a link to the code

Hiya @Nancy4321 and welcome to our community!

Unless the form submissions got marked as spam (you’d see them here: Netlify App), we don’t have them. We don’t hide any submissions from you (except ones we detected as spam) - if they aren’t shown, we didn’t in fact get them.

Have you read this article on debugging form submissions? It’s the best resource for debugging why that might happen:

I took a quick look at your form and don’t know that you need the enctype - I think it should be what is specified in that article since you have no files being uploaded - and I’m also not sure what this is:

id='netlify-form' - if it’s for your code, that’s fine, but we need data-netlify=true or netlify in the form definition instead or in addition :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t help, let me know the answers to the other questions in the post

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