How can I get more rate limiting on my site?


I have a files site:
with netlify site being
Can I get more rate limiting on there?
I don’t want people to have an easy way to just
waste my bandwidth if the file is like 100MB by
downloading it like 3878473289 times, so I have decided to ask here…

I know the default rate limiting is 200 rpm (requests per minute) but for that site I would like it to be 20 rpm or so, how/ can I do that?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @B00bleaTea,

There’s no rate-limiting for sites by default. I believe the rate-limiting you’re talking about, applies to the Netlify API, not to how your site can be browsed. Could you confirm what exactly you’re asking about?

I thought the sites were rate limited, nvm then