How can I get API for my domain?

Hi, I need the API of my domain for development. How can I get it? and Netlify has an API for yourself. Thank you

Hi @warrenbitbyte

You should find these resources useful

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Thanks. and do you have any videos for instructions using Netlify’s API ?

I’m not aware of any.

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So, how can I get it like the screenshot? I mean my API is or something like that.
Screen Shot 0033-09-08 at 20.40.11

If you simply want a subdomain, you can add a custom DNS entry in your domain’s DNS panel. This would work only if you’re using Netlify DNS. If you’re using some other DNS service, you’d have to add the subdomain there.

No, it is not just a subdomain. I need them for Blockchain using Javascript like that:


I’m not sure what you’re asking for.

Are you trying to set environment variables?

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I change my source code and upload it to Netlify again, but index.html has not changed. I mean my “index.html” still indicates info the same old source code. How to delete cookies?

I’m sorry I’m having troubles understanding your questions.

What does index.html have to do with clearing cookies?

How can I create it like this, with

warrenbitbyte, your question is unrelated to the thread, and has been asked by you elsewhere as well. please do stay on topic, thanks.