How can i delete website if i cant login in my account?

i can’t login with email and i want to delete my website html css

Hey there, @asd :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums, and thanks for reaching out!

We will need a bit more information here in order to assist you. Can you describe why you are unable to login with email?

Additionally, can you share either the url or site name of the Netlify website you wish to delete?

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hello @hillary

i use same email on this website too.

also when i click sign in website says first 1. email or password is incorrect and then API Request rate limit surpassed for application

and if i click reset my account it not working and i want to delete website.


hi there @asd,

i think we have found you in our system.

i think what may have happened is that you tried too many times to login with a wrong password, and our system got a little worried.

can you try to wait a few hours and then try again to reset your password? if that still doesnt work, let us know. thanks!


thank you @perry
i try reset email address and it work :grinning:

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