How about Functional + API + Markup

JavaScript is a trend, we all know. But we must not forget that it is possible to use functional language to implement practically the same functions that JavaScript performs for headlessCMS and SSG’s. So the name given to architecture is not wrong? I’m a scientist and I’m dedicating my monograph to explaining how this new platform works. BTW i’m considering in call this as Hyper Static Stack.

Javascript is everywhere and runs on every* platform.

You can build web, mobile, desktop, embedded apps, and a bunch of other places

That said, we love many programming languages and use a bunch for different use cases. We use Go, C, Ruby, node.js, and more recently WASM to build some fun things.

HSS is a good acronym. Perhaps add something with and I in there and make it the H.I.S.S stack with a snake logo? :grin:


Definitely HISS is a great acronym, the letter I can be for interchangeable. We can think of another definition for I. I understand that JS can be used virtually anywhere, but a lot of developers are opting for functional languages in the frontend by killing the JAMStack concept.

Do you think we will get support from other developers? Mainly the community behind the JAM?

There are already some functional language site generators, which I think is where it is most interesting:





I wonder what mechanisms for running client-side functional code in the browser looks like? I guess you probably know more about that than me, since my “functional programming” experience is all from a college degree completed almost 20 years ago :slight_smile: