Hosting react -app

While deployong react-app in netlify starter. There is no build error. But the deployed site is not working.

Link is:

May I know what is the issue

Appears all the files required to render the site in the browser are returning 404 Not Found.

For instance the path /hectaways-app/static/js/2.6f1603e7.chunk.js (visible below) should link to /static/js/2.6f1603e7.chunk.js. This is the case with all Javascript and CSS links on the page.

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How can I proceed with this? Actually I have hosted the same app as github pages…Should I remove gh-pages

It’s because of the homepage filed in your package.json. Currently, it looks like "homepage": "". If you change it to "homepage": "/", it should work.

This was mentioned in your build log line#87: Netlify App

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Thank you, It worked

Regarding Domain Purchase,

When I register for .in domain,
I am getting as "Registration costs $9.99 for the first year. Would you like to make this purchase?"
Is it the payment $9.99 (Rs. 730.74) per month or yearly payment.

It’s a yearly payment. You’ll be charged $9.99 once in an entire year. The year will be counted from the date you make the payment.