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Hosting json file


Is there a way to post and host a json file and get a url to call to return the file?

Hi @sgelfond,

You can host the JSON file like any other file. If you’re looking to dynamically render a JSON on the server, you’re probably looking at Netlify Functions.

Thank you. When I try to drag and drop my .json file via Netlify Drop I get a message asking for index.html. Is this the wrong area to upload the file?

If you’re only planning to host a JSON without a real website, do note that it would go against our Terms of Service.

Netlify is meant to host websites and not used as a remote storage solution.

With that being said, if you have a real website, you should have index.html as the home page. You can then drag the folder with the index.html and the JSON file in it to the area you can see and you’d get your URL.

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Ahh I see okay. Thanks for the explanation.

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