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Hosting app on subdomain using godaddy not working

Currently we are already hosting our website built with webflow on the domain we have purchased with godaddy. We want to host our application on a subdomain so the website will be available on www.primarydomain.com and the app will be available on www.app.primarydomain.com

I have added the dns recors from netlify to godaddy as shown in the picture here.

However in netlify it’s still saying I need to check dns configuration and nothing is showing up on any of the subdomains

Hi @no1,

Subdomains don’t use Nameservers, they use CNAME records. Check the documentation here:

@hrishikesh Thanks for the reply. Will look into this. Is it the same thing if I am using the primary domain to host the website but the subdomain for the app making it two completely different platforms?

Subdomains in any case can only be connected using CNAME records. Apex domains can be connected with Nameservers or A+CNAME.

Thanks again for the reply. Do you think the bellow setup will make it so the application will be accessable through app.domainname.io with app.example.domainname.io also working?

Yup, that’s correct. I can already see it’s working fine.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: