Hosting adult /18+ content on Netlify?

Hi @TheReyzer, super appreciate you checking in and asking about this topic! It’s good to clarify ahead of time.

I know you were asking about hosting on Netlify, and I’ll get to that in detail in a sec, but first I want to clarify that our forums (where you are posting now) and our services (where you deploy your site) have two different Terms of Service/Code of Conduct and therefore two different expectation levels as far as content and interaction go.

Netlify Terms of Use:

Netlify Community forums Code of Conduct:

Let’s talk about this forum Code of Conduct first. The most important thing to know here is that everything anyone posts in our forums (requests for help, content, screenshots, posts, articles, even your username) must be suitable for youth between the ages of 13-18.

That said, if you read through the Netlify Terms of Use for our service, you will see that we do not exclude pornographic content from our services as long as it is legal content.

(This means legal in the US - see the terms for a fuller explanation of what we mean, specifically. If content is not legal and we find it, it will be removed and future sanctions may apply.)

Now, if someone needs support with an x-rated site in this youth-friendly forum, it is their responsibility to self-censor so that they do not violate our code of conduct. :+1:

Some tips around this:

  • don’t have any objectionable materials showing in screenshots or videos you post here
  • obscure URL’s in links appropriately if they are sexually explicit, including in build logs
  • if possible, use youth-safe materials as placeholders in your site while debugging

We prioritize keeping our forum welcoming to everyone, including folks from marginalized backgrounds, and youth in general. As such, we reserve the right to edit posts and invoke sanctions against users that don’t abide by our guidelines.

I hope this is useful!