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Hosting a documentation website similar to Read The Docs / RTD


i am evaluating using netlify to host my current company/product website.

We are doing static hosting for more than 10 years with a custom infrastructure with build VMs that pull the source from git and rsync to sync the files to web servers.
I am very happy to see this type of software as a service offering.

Right now we have main company/product website HTML+CSS+SVG but as part of the deployment we also have static HTML files for the product documentation.

Each release of our product has its own static documentation version.
We have a custom documentation build system, similar to read the docs.
We build the documentation for the latest version and previous version are pre-build / cached.

In the last 10 years we have accumulated more than 120 releases.

Rebuilding each documentation version on each deploy in netlify is an overkill.

Is there a way to do “incrementaly/cached” hosting in Netlify.

Or netlify is only designed for small sites and single page applications?


On Netlify, many people achieve this functionality with branch deploys:

I’m not sure about current structure of your repo but you might have to restructure it which seems cumbersome for 120 releases.

You can also deploy each branch as an entirely different website if needed so each version can live independently.

Finally, you can also use build ignores to ignore when to build your website:

Depends on your static site generator. For example, Gatsby supports incremental builds and Netlify supports that:

We also have on demand builders that could help you:

Many thanks for all the valuable links.

The documentation is already hosted in a separate repo … and has a separate release / build process that is independent from the main site. … and there is a separate tag for each release.

So branch deploys looks like they can do the job…
And then an internal reverse proxy to handle the URL / path

incremental build in Gatsby looks like a different thing … more like cached builds.
same for on-demand builder.

the docs for version 1.2.0 is only generated once and kept forever for reference.
A new version will be rebuild as 1.3.0 or 1.2.1.