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Host Wordpress site on Netlify


I am currently building Wordpress website locally. The website in question is one page template with contact form and plugins used.

I have another website which I will need to build on WordPress which will have an ecommerce, as well. I have a lot of website which I am currently building in WordPress which I would like to host on netlify.

I wanted advice on the best way to host a WordPress website on netlify and if there is video tutorial or documentation which would help with the setup.

Currently the websites I am building don’t have repository on github yet.



Hey Ronny,
This is one of our best resources on that topic:

It links to a few different video walkthroughs as well. Want to have a look and come back with any other questions?

For clarity: I’d like to add that you can’t host a wordpress site on Netlify directly. Here’s why: