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Host records premium dns


I’m using namecheap’s premium dns, it means I can use DNSSEC etc. But it doesn’t allow me to point the nameservers anywhere else then namecheap. I asked their support what to do, and they told me I needed to contact netlify for the host records.


Hi @drat3

You don’t need to use Netlify DNS, you can configure external DNS which sounds like what you will need to do.

When you add a custom domain to your Netlify site (as demonstrated in the documentation linked above) you are provided with the records required to make everything work.

Thanks, perfect. Let’s hope it works

Hey man, I have a problem. The ssl cert doesn’t work on the bare domain only on the www. Can I reinit this to work for both?

What is the domain you are configuring?

The domain is radstarter.io

Your DNS looks ok from what I see.

Just to check, you should see something like this for your custom domain (you may have www as primary instead)

And then this for SSL:

I do not have DNSSEC on this domain though you do. But as you are using external DNS (not Netlify DNS) this should not present an issue.