Host a distill website (RStudio) on Netify domain

Hello, I am very new to this, please go easy on me.

I tried to build a Wowchemy website, which I linked to a domain here, although software issues on my machine meant that I couldn’t then edit the template (see
I have now built a simple website using distill in R/Rstudio, saved in my offline files, which I would like host on the j-dunning domain here.

I wondered if somebody could talk me through how that might be possible, if at all.


Welcome to the forums @jamiedunning8

Now you have the files built from RStudio you have options on how to deploy:

  • Deploy via the Netlify UI using drag and drop
  • Deploy via the Netlify CLI which can also handle the build set
    (Note: I don’t know if this is possible with R/RStudio.)
  • Push the files to GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket and deploy from git

These options are covered in more detail in the Create Deploys documentation. As you have a pre-built site, there is no build step required.

Once the deploy is complete, you can assign the custom domain to the site. I see you have already configured with Netlify DNS so one step is done.

If you have any issues or questions there are many Support Guides (#netlify-support:support-guides) or you can reply here.