Home page is not loading Google API anymore

the home page doesn’t load the Google Map API anymore.
1- It used to automatically display the geolocation where the page was call, now it displays the HTML document but not the map. In order to see the map, you can enter any city in the search input box and will display the location and restaurants.
2- I was with Google for an hour, and they said the problem is in Netlify, somehow is blocking the API from displaying as it used to be.

I don’t think this has anything to do with the API being blocked. I don’t see any request errors in the network inspector. There’s a hint of what is going wrong in your console:

Google Maps already loaded outside @googlemaps/js-api-loader.This may result in undesirable behavior as options and script parameters may not match.

A quick search brings up a lot of discussion around this topic:

Thanks, Tom! I’ll look into it again, I solved that problem before, and it’s repeating itself. David

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