Historical Logs for Background Function

Is there any expectation for retaining historical logs for background functions?
If not, can i raise my timeout limit for more than 26 seconds?

I have some functions that cannot be split in more than one that sometimes reach timeout limit, but i cant change to background because their logs are very important do debug

Any idea to overcome this issue?

We’ve been working on some better monitoring for Background Functions, which include historical logs as well, but so far, it’s far from complete or from having an ETA.

There’s currently no way to bump the time limit more than 26 seconds either. I’d advise you to store the logs on an external service for the time being.

Hi @hrishikesh , Do you know if it’s possible to configure a Netlify Background function to send logs to a Log Drain?

Hi @joe23 this not with background functions this is not possible at this time.

@SamO @hrishikesh Very disappointing to find this out via a forum thread, not prominently displayed in in the documentation of background functions, all functions, log drains or blog posts about background functions

As a result we’ve lost weeks of logs and had an incredibly frustrating debugging experience today

Hey Ross,

Appreciate the honest feedback and very sorry for the struggle to find that information! Per your feedback, we’re already working with our documentation team to update the docs to make this information easier to find.

We’ve also filed a feature request to include these logs in our log drains, but since I cannot guarantee that will happen, Hrishikesh’s advice above:

I’d advise you to store the logs on an external service for the time being.

…remains the best workflow we have for storing your background logs functions for today.

The docs have been updated here:

Thanks again for this docs feedback.

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